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Machinery Exports and imports: In today’s context, there has been a significant rise in the health-conscious individuals who constantly look forward to certain equipment which makes them feel fit and healthy all the time. 

In this context, the best outdoor fitness equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad have steadily increased in the marketplace and have been predominantly focusing on the comprehensive health regime of individuals who are mostly suffering from various physical ailments and individuals who are suffering obese related problems are significantly on the rise.

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For most of the obese individuals, the outdoor fitness equipment has turned out to be the best alternative methods to reduce the obese significantly. On the contrary, for most individuals, it has become a protocol set by their physiotherapists to have a complete check on the health regime through the fitness equipment as a comprehensive health regime Machinery Exports and imports.

Hence, it becomes the requisite adoption of physical activity through the fitness equipment to reduce the extra fat and hence become obese free in the course of time.

The recent medical research which talks about the health regime

As per a recent medical research conducted, “It has been proved that the outdoor fitness at certain fitness parks dramatically enhances the health regime in a very short span, because the individual gets subjected to the intense and vigorous workouts and aiming towards reduce their obese

SMR Global Exports has been an entity in Hyderabad, which serves as a best outdoor playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Hyderabad. Our range of equipment has been designed in such a way that, it can be installed as a cluster at a local fitness centre, playgrounds or in a gym.

We collaborate fitness equipments with custom fit for all age groups

As an outdoor gym equipment suppliers & dealers in Hyderabad, our range of equipment’s has been quite effective for all the age group individuals. As gym equipment it is an ideal fit for elementary school children to a senior citizen. The equipment equally fits itself as school play equipment and also for some of the fitness training facility which is quite rampant in the marketplace.

Fitment Equipment sets that become the yardstick for your playground

The fitment equipment is completely portable to operate and to install the same, it can become an ideal equipment which can get into your backyard of the school, your neighbourhood playground or for that matter, a community sports complex who are quite desirous to have the fitness equipment for individuals who like to trim their body on a daily basis.

SMR Global exports, has been the preferred vendor for indoor & outdoor playground equipment dealers in Hyderabad

Our legacy

As far as our legacy speaks about, we have a rich history of holding the mantle of outdoor gym equipment suppliers & dealers in Hyderabad since the very inception.

As a company which distributes exercising equipment for gyms, we have been actively promoting the building of muscles which can dramatically improve balance & coordination among individuals, who tend to have worked out on our range of equipments.

We are the recreation experts for fitment equipments for Kids Play school

We go with an ardent philosophy that fitness regime works better during the childhood phase and we tend to promote various range of fitment equipments to schools and kids play school.

SMR Global Exports being the primary resource for outdoor kids school play equipment in Hyderabad, we work with schools in and around Hyderabad city and tend to fix the fitment equipments for Kids day care, kids play school, primary and secondary schools.

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As best outdoor kids play school equipment dealers in Hyderabad, we are the most preferred vendor for equipment and our customers specifically bank on us for an excellent post-sales support which becomes an advantage for them in the long run Machinery Exports and imports.

Our years of expertise counts volumes

SMR Global exports have years of experience and have become one of the niche in the market towards gaining significant expertise in dealing with manufacturing and the installation of outdoor gyms more towards the parks and also at open spaces across the city.